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From kitchen area cleaning and food preparation in local hospitals, to off-site dishwashing to complement working crowded and messy dining halls. We have what it takes to handle projects of any size. Keep your own customers satisfied, anytime.

Onsite cleaning

Onsite Cleaning Services

We provide a whole range of solutions, catering to the size of your operations. Whether you require a more project-based approach, or just require certain areas to be cleaned, simply get in touch to learn more.

Sanitizing Products

Facility Management

We help you manage your whole facility, which is not limited to cleaning critical areas. 

Most suitable as a solution for long-term projects.


Solutions include:

Kitchen management, Food preparation, Kitchen cleaning, Restroom & Walkway cleaning

Cleaning Sink

Kitchen Cleaning

Essential for a range of businesses, from restaurants to caterers, all in the food & beverage industry. 

Suitable for regular cleaning, especially to maintain food safety standards.

Solutions include:

Customized kitchen, Catering kitchen

Cleaning Materials

General Site Cleaning

From tabletop cleaning to floor cleaning and everything in between.

Best suited for your business if you also serve customers on-location.

Solutions include:

Kitchen cleaning, Dining hall cleaning

Hospital Working Day


From warded patients with daily visitors, to the hundreds of staff working day & night on location, there is much that needs to be cleaned to the highest standards.

Solutions we provide here:

Customized kitchen cleaning services

Dining hall table-top cleaning

Food preparation (+ Kitchen assistant)

Floor cleaning

General in-house cleaning

Specialized kitchen equipment washing

General equipment washing

Food delivery

Off-site dishwashing

Off-site Centralised Dishwashing

Currently the largest off-site centralised dishwashing provider in Singapore, we provide  services to food and beverage organizations both large and small across the island. With 3 facilities and our round-the-clock collection and delivery, our clients can rest easy knowing their dishes will be washed in time.

Largest in Singapore

We provide end-to-end cleaning services for Singapore’s food and beverage industry, from hospitals to foodcourt stalls.

Economics of Scale

We specialise in large-scale centralised dishwashing services. If you need high volumes of plates and crockery to be washed fast, we're ready to help.

Hybrid Model

Our cutting-edge system that employs both on-site and off-site cleaning and/or washing concurrently. Solves manpower issues and offloads the difficulty of getting consistent on-site staff.



Sometimes there is just too much to handle at once. At this coffeeshop, we do more than just onsite cleaning. When the crowd hits its peak, any last-minute contingency issues with on-site cleaning can be resolved by offloading some to our off-site dishwashing facility.

Solutions we provide here:

Table-top cleaning

General facility cleaning (e.g. washrooms)

Deep cleaning

Drinks runner

Off-site dishwashing

Food Court
Plates Lease

Lease/Buy Plates

Starting a new F&B outlet? Manage one but having trouble with storage and washing due to the volume of turn-over? 

As part of our centralized dishwashing services, we can also provide plates of all shapes and sizes for our customers. Rather than owning inventory that can be expensive as a starting requirement, our plates can be leased for your use

Alternatively, some of our dishwashing partners choose to buy from our hand-selected quality stock, at lower prices. We also offer customized logo printing on these plates, for those who wish to have specialized branding.

Classic white porcelain dinnerware is well-suited for restaurants, while our melamine tableware is sturdy and resistant to breakage.

Call us to find out what we can do for you!

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